The best advantages come from nylon hook and loop Vietnam

Nylon hook and loop Vietnam are important materials that provide fastening solutions in supporting industry in Vietnam. This fastening material is commonly used in medical, apparel, electronics, and construction fields

Nylon hook and loop Vietnam are important materials that provide fastening solutions in supporting industry in Vietnam. This fastening material is commonly used in medical, apparel, electronics, and construction fields. Not only support fastening solutions but hook and loop also protect the environment by the ability in reusing many times. Eco-friendly hook and loop products are proposed in place of rubber straps, metal or steel chains. In this article, Baihe Holding Vietnam will clearly show the importance and types of hook and loop. 

Why hook and loop materials are important?

Types of hook and loop are important supporting materials that provide the fast and durable fastening solution in life. Hooks and loops appear everywhere and it is used in many types of fields. When using an alternative material to help make learning fun, hook and loop appear on the back of images or objects to attach them to the board. One of the biggest obstacles for parents and teachers is finding new ways to teach and enrich the lives of our children. And using hook and loop as an educational tool has solved that obstacle. 

Besides, hook and loop are also specially applied for fire resistance and freeze objects in space. They are widely used on protective clothing, medical orthotics belt, and help hold objects in place. In other cases, nylon hook and loop Vietnam can be used to tie all kinds of PC power cables, wires, ... in the desk, living room, bedroom, in the car, or any living space. Keep the living space tidy and everything is always ready when needed.

The best advantages of nylon hook and loop Vietnam

  • Easy and safe to use: With touch nylon hook and loop, you don't have to battle with buttons or struggle with a jammed zipper.
  • Low maintenance: When you request a fastening material that has maintenance-free, and reusable. Hook and loop performance only decreases significantly after use. 
  • Strong: Some hook and loop fasteners are so well engineered that it can withstand heavy objects.
  • Diverse uses: With a fastening and holding function, hook and loop are used in many fields such as medical, apparel, electronics, and construction.

The difference between nylon and polyester hook & loop? 

Hook and loop materials are known for being made from nylon because this works best as a receptive fabric, although they can also be made of polyester. Nylon and polyester are the main components that constitute the hook and loop, different ratios depending on the type. These two materials make the surface of the hook should look like a fabric. Nylon and Polyester are thermosetting polymers. Although they have some similar properties, there are still many differences.


  • Nylon hook and loop is an incredibly strong, lightweight, and shrink-resistant material. With nylon composition, hook and loop have ability mildew-resistant and dries very quickly. Besides, nylon hook and loop have somewhat resistant to ultraviolet rays and can withstand high temperatures. The smooth surface of the nylon allows businesses to create sharp images and logos when printing on products such as belts.


  • Polyester is an alternative choice for nylon hook and loop fasteners. A synthetic fiber made from ethylene, which comes from petroleum, Polyester hook, and loop has resistant to mildew as well as good elastic. With polyester, similar to nylon hook and loop Vietnam, it is somewhat resistant to ultraviolet rays but is not able to withstand high temperatures. Polyester hook and loop have a low tolerance for high temperatures and tend to dry slower than other fabrics. Hook and loop are made components from polyester, commonly used on clothing, bags, and other fabrics.


Nylon hook and loop Vietnam offers excellent and fast fastening solutions. With many types of hook and loop, they are applied in many fields.  BAIHE HOLDING VIETNAM is currently a supplier of high-quality hook and loop. With many types and reasonable prices, businesses can order quality hooks and loops at facility Baihe. Please contact us at +842763881880 or leave the information below, our consulting team will support you enthusiastically.


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