The Polyester Hook and Loop Vietnam: Technique feature & How does it work?

We will go over the difference between nylon and polyester hook and loop Vietnam to help you decide which material is best suited for your aim.

Hooks and loops are a flexible strap or fastening option for fabric things, home decoration, and more. Hooks and loops are made of two different composites, nylon and polyester, and while they look nearly identical, each material has its own pros and cons. We will go over the difference between nylon and polyester hook and loop Vietnam to help you decide which material is best suited for your aim.

The polyester hook and loop Vietnam

Hooks and loops have a variety of specifications and different materials for handling everything from housework, gardening to heavy and industrial tasks. Adhesive tapes, as well as special versions of hooks and loops, can be produced in polyester, polypropylene, and nylon materials for use in automotive, medicine, military, and other industries. Although each type of hook and loop has its own benefits, knowing clearly about each type will help you make the right selection decision.

polyester hook and loop Vietnam

What is a polyester hook and loop?

Polyester hook and loop Vietnam was produced for outside purposes. That's why it is more resistant to mold, stretching, pill, and shrinking than nylon and is also resistant to chemicals. Polyester does not absorb in water, so it dries faster than nylon. It is also more UV resistant than nylon hook and loop and is the best option for a long time use directly in the sun.

polyester hook and loop Vietnam

Baihe polyester hook and loop have the durability and quality in the same way our standard nylon hook and loop fasteners do. The polyester hook and loop are resistant to mold, durable with extension after a long time. Polyester hook and loop own the easy-to-use design as the same as nylon fastener, but the polyester material has the best UV protection. While nylon hooks and loops are well suited for outdoor applications, polyester loops are best suited for long exposure to strong ultraviolet light. Baihe® polyester hooks and loops are available in any size and color according to our customer's requirements.

What's special in the Nylon Hook and Loop?

The appearance of polyester and nylon are similar. Nylon is an extremely strong, lightweight, and shrinkable material, it brings the ability in resisting mold and dries very quickly when shrinking to water, but it does not float. It is resistant to ultraviolet rays and can withstand high temperatures. The smooth surface of nylon provides a sharp background for images and logos printed on products. Nylon hook and loop provide ruggedness and strengthening and are the most popular hook and loop type.

polyester hook and loop Vietnam

Where to buy polyester hook and loop Vietnam?

Since establishment in Vietnam, Baihe has consistently set industry standards for quality, service, value, and innovation in the production of zippers, plastic hardware, hooks, and loops. With integrated production and supply systems in many regions around the world, Baihe is positioned to meet the needs of the textile and apparel industry as they increasingly diversify and require customers. This brings us pride to be the best hook and loop manufacture in Vietnam that can bring the best value to our client. If you are considering where to buy hook and loop in Vietnam, please contact us to meet our consultant team. 

Final words

We recommend choosing nylon hooks and rings for interior uses such as home decoration or to arrange inside things to limit outdoor exposure. For most outdoor and building projects, we recommend using polyester hook and loop. Since all hooks and loops are located on woven tapes, we also recommend covering the hook and loop on your fabric on one side to extend the life of the tape, especially in outdoor applications. To get more information about hook and Loop made in Vietnam, please contact us via hotline 276-388-1880 or filling the form in the contact page, our consultant will get in touch with you for further information.


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